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(Kunshan) International Fastener Exhibition - Haiyan Tianjin hardware B Pavilion 2118 booth

(Kunshan) International Fastener Exhibition - Haiyan Tianjin hardware B Pavilion 2118 booth

Traffic to exhibition hall:

1, Shanghai Metro Line 11 HuaQiao Railway Station Exit 1

2, Kunshan 101Road, Kunshan 323Road, Kunshan 324Road, Kunshan 102road A line, Kunshan 102 Road B line, Kunshan 102 Road C line.

Fastener Expo Kunshan

Time: September 7- 9,2016

Location: Kunshan Huaqiao International Expo Center

(Exit 1, HuaQiao Railway Station, Shanghai Metro Line 11)



China Machinery Industry Federation

Kunshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce


Kunshan Hua Shen Bo Exhibition Management Co. Ltd.

Min (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Health Exhibition

Han Mu exhibition service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Special support unit:

Kunshan economic and Information Commission

Huaqiao Economic Development Zone Management Committee

Support unit:

Kunshan science and Technology Bureau

Kunshan science and Technology Association

Kunshan Intellectual Property Office

Kunshan Federation of Industrial Economics

Kunshan Industrial Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Kunshan ITRI Industrial Robot Research Institute Co Ltd

Taiwan Institute of intelligent automation and Robotics

Kunshan Manufacturing Purchasing Association

Kunshan Mould Industry Association

Kunshan SME Bureau

Kunshan printed circuit board Association

Kunshan energy saving low carbon industry association


Kunshan Automobile Industry Association

Taiwan Kunshan compatriots Investment Enterprises Association

Kunshan electronic information service and integrated circuit industry association

Kunshan economic development zone safety production and Environmental Protection Association


China International Fastener exhibition ---Fasteners is "Kunshan Industry Fair", a professional theme exhibition, held every September in Kunshan (Shanghai Metro Line 1 HuaQiao Railway Station No. 11). 2016 Kunshan Industrial Fair exhibition area of 90 thousand square meters, of which the fastener industry is expected to be 36 thousand square meters, in order to advocate low-carbon green manufacturing equipment as the theme, focusing on domestic and foreign manufacturing and strategic emerging technologies. The exhibition covers the furniture manufacturing area, mechanical equipment area (heavy equipment, medical machinery, shipbuilding, aerospace industry, metallurgical and mining equipment, construction engineering, chemical equipment, hardware tools and mechanical and electrical machinery, metal processing and die industry) and traffic areas (automotive, aviation, high-speed train, rail transportation, automobile and motorcycle maintenance) power electronics district (communications tower, electrical installation, nuclear power, electrical equipment, electrical appliances production), electronic information and communication technology area (smart factory, connector, communication and network equipment, cable tray, and electronic device) six plates and fasteners and cutting tools.

The scope of the focus in the manufacturing industry and the national strategic emerging technologies, promote innovation and transformation in action, and we make this platform as an opportunity to better play the guiding role of fasteners for the direction of research and development, the key elements of market.

In the future, GMIE EXPO will be a year, a year to further the situation continues to develop, and truly become a bridge based on Kunshan, the world's innovation. "Fastener Exhibition" at the foundation of the Government Office Exhibition on the introduction of new exhibition concept.

With the China manufacturing large-scale transformation, fastener industry is forming a "explosive growth" in the market, through the market, specialization, internationalization, brand operation, is a fastener industry overall solution, is specializing in the production of fastener users and fasteners processing industry international event. For many years, it has established its position as one of the most attractive professional exhibitions in China and even in Asia. It provides an ideal business platform for the industry to know, meet and intersect.

[professional audience]

Exhibits a comprehensive coverage of the fastener field, and the exposition will attract professionals from around the world come to visit: end users from auto production, rail transportation, aerospace industry, nuclear power procurement, heavy equipment, shipbuilding, petrochemical, machinery industry, communications tower, power installation, metallurgical equipment, electrical equipment, electrical and Mechanical hardware, electrical appliances production, construction, mining machinery, furniture manufacturing, auto repair, machinery, medical equipment industry, foreign trade companies, business platform, steel industry and other industries, the domestic fastener manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, fastener system providers, importers, purchasers and agencies from around the world, the media industry the Association and organization; audience positions including design engineers, sales engineers, purchasing representative, senior management and the main Responsible person, R & D personnel, etc..

Exhibition scope

Equipment, wire, mold and consumables:

* fastener manufacturing equipment: multi station cold heading machine, combined heading machine, thread forming machine, machine, lathe and turning equipment, CNC lathes, presses and stamping equipment, wire drawing equipment, heat treatment equipment, dispensing and coating equipment, surface treatment equipment;

* fastener manufacturing auxiliary equipment: grinding machine, vibration plate, iron machine, marking machine / inkjet printer, cleaning equipment / cleaning roller, polishing machine, sandblasting machine, transmission device, material storage system / storage system, air purification device, weighing / counting / packaging equipment;

* fastener moulds and consumables: cold forging and stamping die, tooth plate, punch, thimble, anti rust oil, lubricating oil, tap, drill, surface treatment solvents, chemicals, accessories;

* fasteners for raw materials: steel fasteners, copper alloy materials, Aluminum Alloy materials, special steel, nylon / plastic material processing service;

* fastener technology and service: fastener design / simulation / process control, detection mechanism of fasteners, fastener industry ERP software, information system, fastener production and service certification agencies, R & D institutions fastening Fastener Association and fastener industry organizations, the media;

* fastener testing equipment and measuring instruments: optical screening machine, tensile testing machine, hardness tester, spectrophotometer, image projector, vernier caliper / micrometer, ring gauge gauge, coating thickness, salt spray test machine, three coordinate measuring instrument assembly, installation, measurement and maintenance: torque wrench, torque wrench, screw knife / screwdriver, wooden hand / wrench riveting tools and equipment, electric tools, pneumatic tools, welding equipment, fasteners and other installation maintenance and removal of equipment, tools and equipment;

Two, fastener products:

* fasteners: bolts, nuts, screws, expansion screws, riveting products, tooth / screw, washer and stamping parts, screws, pins and key combination fasteners, connection fasteners, non-standard pieces of hot cold heading, pier and turning products, stainless steel fasteners, plastic and nylon fasteners, resistance the corrosion of metal fasteners, special screws, non-standard fasteners, plug and plug, screw thread sheath / repair, precision lathe hardware, fasteners and innovative inventions, and other fasteners;

* automotive fasteners: high strength bolt for engine, wheels / wheel bolts and nuts, welding bolt and nut, chassis fasteners for cold heading machine seat, interior fasteners, fastener body;

* aerospace and military fasteners: Aluminum Alloy fasteners, titanium fasteners, blind bolts, critical fasteners, special alloy fasteners, protection thread sheath, high / low temperature fasteners;

* construction fasteners and connectors: chemical anchor bolt and resin, hanging roof and solar firmware, firmware, bracket and connector, scaffold fastener, stamping product architecture, with firmware and other building connections;

Other industries: * Special fastening fasteners for electronic and electrical appliances, electric power industry and heavy industry mechanical fasteners, fasteners, fasteners for railway, furniture fasteners, fasteners for pressure vessels, nuclear industry fastener, fastener industry, motorcycle fasteners, fasteners for bicycle.