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Nylon self-locking nut

Nylon self-locking nut:

Nylon lock nut is a new type of high vibration locking and fastening parts, all kinds of mechanical and electrical products can be applied to the temperature -50~100.

Working principle of nylon self-locking nut:

Nut in the installation process, the thread of the bolt nut embedded in the extrusion deformation of the nylon, nylon, nylon thread after installation, and is in pressure contact by extrusion nylon bolts produces a large force to increase the friction force, this makes the bolt is not easy to loose, nylon itself acid and alkali resistant, stainless steel nuts.

Nylon self-locking nut link method:

Link the nylon lock nut is self-locking nut with nylon ring on the connecting piece riveting, lock the connection piece connected by elastic nylon ring volume changes; at the same time and self-locking nut connections with anti rotation connection, avoid screw bolts, locking nuts with rotating slipping.

Basic structure of nylon self-locking nut:

The basic structure of nylon lock nut consists of: nut shell, one end of the threaded hole nut shell is provided with a ring groove; the ring groove is provided with a nylon ring nut shell; the other end is provided with a riveted joint; riveting riveting riveting hole and connecting pieces of the. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation, and is especially suitable for occasions where the automobile and the aviation lamp are small and have high reliability requirements.

Nylon self-locking nut:

It is mainly used in aerospace, aviation, automobile tanks, mining machinery, transport machinery, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, electrical products and various machinery of nylon lock nut surge in demand, this is because the anti vibration and anti loosing performance it is much higher than other kinds of locking device, vibration and life to high several times or even dozens of times. The current mechanical equipment accident more than 80% is due to the loosening of the fastener, it is serious especially in mine machinery, and the use of nylon self-locking nuts can be eliminated due to loose fasteners caused by major accidents.