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what’s the Time lag of technology in Fastener industry


In the past 10 years, China's fastener manufacturing technology in the process of cooperation with foreign equipment, technological upgrading, is invisible. China's fastener fastening occupies a pivotal position in the global industrial fasteners, however, meso industry internal product type, quality grade, level of technology and resources and the environment to pay compared with foreign advanced level there is still a big gap, the double pressure mainly for China's fastener production there is "excess" and "shortage", but the representative of the advanced technology hardware equipment can be bought, hardware equipment outside the "time" is China fastener manufacturing technology and key factors behind the invisible.

Although the strength of the domestic fastener manufacturing enterprises, but why foreign equipment to Chinese enterprises, the utilization rate of equipment and products used in all different? Where is the gap? This is what we call the "technology time", which is the technology gap technology and hardware equipment using other methods, production management and foreign. According to the average domestic fastener manufacturing level assessment, especially relates to complex shaped parts and process technology related areas, the overall level of domestic and foreign advanced level there is a "time" about 10 to 20 years.

Technical lag has a certain background.

Education background and development experience of fastener industry in china.

People's thinking mode, one is the source of education; two is the work experience. At present, Chinese fasteners of professional and technical personnel, from 60 to 80, education and work experience basically "introduction, digestion, absorption, improved model, it is very difficult to stimulate creative thinking on the original, most people work based on" practical experience ", know it, I do not know why, a lot of things there are no mistakes or experience according to the theory, it would be better?

Drawing workshop domestic fastener enterprises, when it comes to "die drawing machine", no one seems to do not understand, but a very common phenomenon, when the on-site review of foreign experts see the "die", will be very surprised, they found that most of Chinese fastener drawing "matching die technology" (all is the rich practical experience, based on the logic of ") is very confusing and unreasonable", some even totally inconsistent with the metal material processing deformation theory, the result is of course "may not be feasible but the consumption of resources or poor quality of products", which is the foreign equipment to domestic users will do so one of the reasons are good the.

Do not agree with the existence of technical time difference.

Domestic fastener experts generally do not agree with their lack of advanced technology, especially large fastener enterprises, they worked 30 years in the business practice, full of experience has become the accepted new thinking obstacles, not easily deny himself, often on the product due to the backward equipment is not advanced. In fact, every breakthrough in science and technology is a time to deny the existing process, deny or question, is the premise of innovation.

In other words, if we let the current technical experts "through" to the next 20 years after China, they will be "that era" industry experts?. This proves that what we call "technology lag" exists.

How to speed up the technical time difference".

We should first admit that "time", how to shorten the "time"? Someone said to 90 or 00 after that time will become the backbone of childhood education, innovative thinking of their culture, what now? So?

We usually in the cognition of "advanced foreign technology", refers to "advanced equipment", although many domestic and technical personnel have many years experience using foreign equipment, this is not just to understand the design principle of the equipment, may not be copied or very good absorption, improvement in equipment use, frequent contact with foreign companies is "customer service personnel of basic services rather than technical design staff, and did not learn the core technology.

In addition, the technology and equipment are inseparable, advanced equipment only a part of "advanced" here, our understanding of the process should be the product aspect of the manufacturing process, macro process including the use of methods and equipment conditions, the pretreatment of material, configuration, maintenance management and so on, work category rather than internal "technology".

On behalf of the advanced technology of hardware equipment can be bought, on behalf of the software process is difficult to buy, only to learn, accelerate learning!

Technical time difference is insufficient to catch up.

Technical time difference is an objective reality, we must first clear their own ideas, that is, the principle of empty cup, in particular, to identify themselves with a gap. Making learning opportunities, fortunately, today's industrial and manufacturing China 4 "2025" complement each other, many foreign experts stand at the time of the end ", without crossing them and we are together in a time dimension (time) can be changed into 3D, if we can create opportunities or by chance inquisitive learning, technical details, bit by bit, know these, but also know why, it is not possible from now on, to shorten the" time ", no manufacturing of excess low-end fasteners.

In 2016 13th Five-Year start, development and wide application of some revolutionary technology, the fastener technology reform trend is irreversible, the need to improve the system and develop the role of the market, more need to change our consciousness and core technology, development and glory of the fastener industry cannot do without each one industry staff.