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The best way to deal with the corrosion of fasteners


Fastener workshop site management to do these easy to succeed .

Site management, is a very deep knowledge. So today summarizes this article, reference for fasteners factory production site management study.

First, what is a scene

1, scene contains the "now" and "field" two factors.

2, "now" is nowthe current meaning, emphasizing the timeliness.

3, the "field" is the place, the meaning of the place, emphasizing the regional.

4, "now" and "field" together, is given a certain period of time specific areas.

5, for the fastener factory, the scene is the fastener workshop.

Second, walked into the scene

1, the scene of the "three busy" phenomenon: fuss, blind, lost.

Fuss: everyone is busy on the surface,  in fact, bustle without plan or purpose.

Blind: because of too busy, people always do things automatically without working direction, the efficiency is not high.

Lost: long-term job leads people to mind numbing blindly, lost consciousness,they don't know what they are doing all day, what are in disorderly fashion.

2, the most attention is the production: analysis of the status quo, find out the bottleneck - take measures, to solve the problem,to improve production

3, the scene of the function: output of products.

4, field management of the core elements: 4 m1e

Personnel (Man) : quantity,position,skills, qualifications, etc.

Machine (Machine) : check, inspection, maintenance, maintenance and calibration

Materials (Material) : period, quality, cost

Method (Method) : production process, process, operation technology, operation standard

Environment (Environment) : 5 s, safe working Environment

Third, the scene of the golden rule of management

1, when the problem (abnormal), to go to the scene.

2, check the form of the object (about) (display).

3, take temporary measures on the spot.

4, find the real reason and exclude it.

5, standardization to prevent recurrence.

Fourth, the six basic principles of production activities

1, after the project is the customer

O work by engineering evaluation good or bad

O does not accept, do not do unqualified, do not pass unqualified

2, will reach the production plan

Annual plan, monthly plan, daily, hourly production plan---guarantee of production plan

3, completely eliminate the waste

Waste also means that you can not do it

4, the operation of standardization

O have standard work books, reference books, not standardized

O standardization is to develop regulations,continuous improvement-conpliance-re improvement activities can be called standardication.

5, the value of the work

O management is to seek greater value added (profit) for the purpose,

O site to have overall situation,to identify bottlenecks in production,the optimal strategy

6, actively respond to change

O basic requirements - - - - - - Basic decision-making standards for book assignments, customary compliance

O before observing the first step before collecting intelligence, take the next step

O main force - - - - - - improve the skills and magnify the power to improve the speed of equipment and so on

5, the scene of the daily work

1, the scene of quality management

How to ensure good quanlity? 5 principles to avoid mistakes:

A, cancel this operation

B, do not do it

C, making the operation easy

D. Check

E, reduce the impact

2, on-site cost management

The best way to reduce costs is to eliminate the excessive consumption of resources

A, improve the quality: the quality of the work process, reasonable 5 meters

B, improve productivity, reduce costs, and continuously improve

C, reduce inventory, cash flow, storage, processing and quality hazards, new products

D, shorten the production line: a reasonable production line workers

E, reduce machine downtime

F, reduce the space

G, the effect of activity on total cost reduction

3, delivery time

One of the main jobs of the administrator

4, should grasp the contents of the field operation

A, the rationality of the production plan, the production plan and the actual difficulties, adjust the impact of the plan

B. staff status, staff skills, lack of material production, equipment failure, causes, measures and disability

Whether it is c accessories, spare parts / tools / fixtures / production done, production is normal, can improve working methods

5, the basic method of the scene

Insight into a line, information flow, production capacity, attention to employee status, time / action research

6, the scene of things need attention

Exception handling institutionalization, on-site education, interpretation, clear job responsibilities, fair evaluation of personnel

Six, the implementation of on-site management methods

1, the daily management of the main points

A, very much attention to all project management

Master the quality of today, get equipment tomorrow?

B. Decide to focus on project management

According to the principle: "do not add an exception to the project or customer", decided to focus on the project

"How to do", management level set

C, management habits

Quantitative and clear some of the daily work, management habits

2, daily management methods

P - D - C - A management cycle: such as operation management, the target for the achievement of production plan, the improvement of productivity.

P (plan) : to achieve production

D (implementation) : practice plan - is set

C (check) : check the goal and the performance difference

A (action) : take measures or to improve

3, on-site management guidelines

A, the production department work slogans:

Don't accept bad, don't make bad, not bad!

B, quality management policy:

Quality first, efficient on time, customer satisfaction, and constantly improve.

C, the production management policy:

Innovative technology, improving production process; Scientific management, strengthen the operation and harmonious; Tap potential, fully mobilize enthusiasm; The pursuit of excellence, improve production efficiency.

D, management requirements:

1, have to carry out the post responsibility system as the foundation, adopts a full responsibility to supply system.

2, task is dead,conditional to perform, no conditions to create conditions to be implemented.

3, the decision is the right tihing, if in doubt, afterwards.

4, must be rewards and punishment is clear, and timely, in place.

4, autonomous management

A, to give our own attitude to work.

B, conceit, under the condition of the accord with a standard to make their own decisions.

C, not shirk responsibility

D, self as the basis, to complete the task

5 inspection method,

A, its role is to implement the "three no" (don't accept bad, don't make bad, don't pass the bad).

B, to achieve "double check" by independent management:

§ instill the importance of the implementation of the "double check"

§ Do not regularly  spot checking

§ problem emphasized the "double check" associated the responsibilities of both parties.

6, repair work,

A, repair work is to point to implement corrective actions for non-conforming.

B, to repair, extrapolate, feedback, prevent to happen again.

C, hard work, hard work, is not necessarily the best.

D, repair man is the production manager, and especially the cradle of team leader.

E, repair product management:

Repair product, after the original check station inspection

To repair product with proper identification

Found in repair, repair or a major hidden danger should immediately report for many times

7, perform work instructions

A, team leader must be familiar with the work instructions, and teach employees;

B, may not be the best method, but as a standard, any time the staff must comply with.

C, if you have a better method, put forward amendments, after being revised approval to perform.

D, "choice" :

I:  Tell him .

Ii. showed him

Iii. Let him try

Iv. Help him to confirm

V. to give him praise

8,seize the mian line

A. what is the scene of the mainline? The production plan

All field personnel around it. Is the focal point, is the work target, is a measure of work results.

B. daily production plan:

Plan production tasks, such as when finish will take responsibility.

If you can't finish the task, be about to apply for working overtime.

Is the basis of production daily report.

The production plan once the issue is the command!

9, Production to know fairly well

A, production is the production department only important goal.

B, production management to achieve the production requires some mastery and control the speed of the production line.

C, the key factors of production:

I. the running speed of production line

Ii. Machine, mechanical equipment capacity

Iii. The stability of the engineering and technology

Iv. The personnel's work ability

Seven, production preparation

Production preparation is a new product from began to pilot run to the whole process of the batch of normal production, in order to ensure that new products can smoothly as planned pilot run and mass production, ensure product quality, for the related personnel training, instruction set, logistics, equipment (including equipment, tools, measuring tool) preparation activities.

Eight, the management of production preparation

1, production process and material preparation: flow chart, work instructions, drawing and QC standards, etc

2, fixtures, tools, auxiliary materials, labor insurance supplies, etc

3, equipment, apparatus, equipment installation and debugging

4, staff position arrangement and capacity setting

5, field staff training before production

6, material, equipment, process, the discovery of abnormal data and feedback

Nine, on-site confirmation

Table 1, the site configuration management:

Also called production line configuration management table: its form like a checklist, can make managers to confirm the scene layout.

Specified location personnel, tools, supplies, equipment, material storage area, operation method, record sheets, etc.

2, field instruments the tally

timing,scope,responsible person, frequency, mode, content, records, confirmed.

10  the management of daily operations

A action

1, delivery time, quality, safety, cost management, and other project management tools;

2, convenient and superior information communication, information and other departments;

3, appear all sorts of anomalies or problem, as a reason for tracking data;

4, help managers to grasp the actual situation of the scene.

B The common problems

1, the content is too much, record up takes time;

2, to thinking, memory, judgment, the content is too much, very abnormal, so careless;

3, she would not like to write and let other people write;

4, no one to guide how to fill out, so just fill in the line;

5, work daily just as information collected, the boss does not look,their is no role.

11, homework daily requirements

1, the design requirements

A, all the necessary items, as far as possible to streamline the project.

B, the project in order to conform to the actual operation or logical habit

C, reduce the description or Numbers, replace recorded with symbols or lines

D, with a standard paper, avoid too big or too small, convenient and archive

2 should grasp the content

A, each work daily are accurate

B,Without exception, material/assignments/ products

C, the efficiency

D, whether the plan

E, the production efficiency and equipment efficiency

F, bad products and losses

G, when the current staffing is reasonable

H, the overall performance

Twelve, homework journal

1. Should be completed to the relevant personnel job daily role;

2. The team name, operators name, product name, batch number and so on the basic content, will be completed by the site office staff again

3. Give the operators to fill in other items, reduce the burden of operators;

4. The production quantity, the processing time only operators who are clear, completed by the operators;

5. Make it a habit to confirm again after finish.

6. Management personnel should carefully review homework journal, points out that the abnormal points and help solve the problem in time, form a good interactive situation;

7. Field personnel according to the daily to grasp the operation, trend, and this tends to implement key guidance.

13, production statistics method

1, content:

Output,input resources , The qualified rate of production, defective rate, through rate, productbility.

2. Requirements:

Within the prescribed period of time to complete (timeliness). authenticity

3, all levels of management personnel's conclusion:

A. the production quantity

B.  quality,the qualified rate of production, defective rate, through rate.

C.personnel status,  attendance, discipline, error

D. production accident, loss of working hours

E. material supply status.

F. The problem of machinery and equipment

G. technology, process problems