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Zhejiang Tianjin Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a high-quality fastener manufacturer integrating production, sales and logistics (service). The company is located in the hometown of China fastener manufacturing - zhejiang haiyan. In the north of Shanghai, south by hangzhou, ningbo, suzhou, Shanghai is only 100 kilometers, traffic is very convenient.
The company existing many sets of multi-station cold heading forming equipment, can produce all kinds of standard and non-standard products, has a perfect production, quality management and marketing system. Products include Chinese national standard (GB), German standard (DIN), Japanese standard (JIS) Automotive standard (QC) American standard (ANSI) international (ISO) and so on, are widely used in photovoltaic, machinery, transportation, automobile, chemical industry, heavy industry, construction, etc. , in order to win more customers trust and support, day tight hardware will be for the purpose of customer satisfaction, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, and customer common development!
Main products:
1.High quality nut:nylon nut,  flange nut,lock nut,weld nuts,hexagon nuts and other non-standard class.
2.High strength bolt:Socket head bolts,hexagonal bolts,carriage bolt,automobiles bolts and other non-standard class.  
3.Stamping products: flat washer,spring washer,internal and external tooth washer, spring nuts, snap nuts and other stamping parts.


Nylon Nuts
flange nut
Flange lock nut
Hex Nuts
Locking Nuts
Hexagon weld nuts
Mshroom head
square neck bolts
Hexagon flange